Are We There Yet?

In the past, I used quotes at the beginning of all of my links posts. It was way easier. I could just think of a topic (sometimes related to the content, sometimes not) and the internet would find me a slew of quotes that might suit my needs. Often times, I wouldn’t even augment that with any original thoughts. I gave that up for 2021 and sometimes I regret that decision.


Halfway there, but a long way to go

It’s not really halfway until the middle of June, but I’m not worried about technicalities. We’ve all had enough to deal with–let’s not focus on unimportant details. I feel like we’ve done enough to warrant a few days leeway. Enjoy the links, Summer is almost here.

Graphic Design

Straight Forward Headline: 17 Links Worth Clicking On

I’m pretty happy with this weeks batch of links. It’s all over the map in terms of creative disciplines, styles and approach. This is what I aim for every week. Sometimes the World Wide Web delivers, other times it’s more of a hunt. Enjoy.


Design is Destruction

Making requires a lot of forward and backward movement. You make something, trash it and then start again. The next version creates new questions and the cycle continues. Fifteen iterations later you might have more questions than answers but if things are going well–you’ve learned a lot. Every step in the process is killing an assumption, a bad design or ignorance. Solutions are a compromise between time, quality, and priorities and there are no easy answers–but that’s another story. Links to the rescue.


More randomness

Some weeks have more focus and others, like this one, are all over the map creatively. I’m OK with it, but I never know beforehand where it’s going to end up. Planning these hasn’t worked that well–I have tried. Usually I go with what I’ve visually drawn to and then curate down from there. I do consciously limit the number of links in each category, but beyond that, it goes. where it wants to. Enjoy the show.

Industrial Design

Mayday, mayday, mayday. Come in–is anyone out there?

If you don’t say it three times, it’s not a real situation. We’re well past that now. I don’t know where your community is at, but from where I’m sitting we’ve still got a ways to go to get back to normal. We’re not in crisis mode anymore, but in some ways that only makes the vibe more ambiguous. I’ll do my part. Work from home, make posts with cool links and try and stay healthy.


What’s A Year?

Repetition can provide familiarity and maybe efficiency or competence. Repetition is also said to breed contempt. The pandemic has created ground hog day feelings. We don’t know the day of the week or even the month. Time is increasingly meaningless. Life goes on–but how can we tell. I get lost too. I have my projects to keep my sanity–each one provides a glimmer of progress. Forward momentum is crucial for sanity. On to the 17th batch of links this year.


Not Always High Times

A friend asked what the pain points of creating a weekly thing (like this) are. I admitted, there are days when I don’t want to create this. I always do–but that doesn’t mean it always comes easily or with a joyful spirit. Often times, it’s a grind. I have to force myself to sit down, punch away at the keyboard and put the ideas and links into the format. Yes, it’s kind of simple. But no, it’s not always easy.

Industrial Design

What if it’s real?

These ramblings are getting more rambly. ‘Rambly’ isn’t a real word. I used to enjoy making up words–reveling in my ignorance. Youthful ignorance is still looked upon kindly. It’s a sign that youth is still the same. We remember the dumb things that we were oh so sure of. There’s nothing wrong with a made up word. A lot of the best words are made up; grok, nerd and robot to name just a few. Oh yeah, you are here for links, not my selfindulgency.

Architecture/Interior Architecture

There’s an app for that

I’ve been making these weekly posts for a long time now. Every week (aside from a few holiday breaks) since October of 2016. That’s a lot of links. I’ve experimented with a weekly mailing list and even a daily mailing list. Neither worked for various reasons. But, I’m always open to new ways of distributing this content. So, when Vitamina K Design reached out about turning this into an app I was cautiously intrigued. The Weekly Design Links app is now live on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. …

John Freeborn

designer, artist, skateboarder and video gamer

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