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There’s a thing going on today. This is not that thing. It’s a totally different thing. Enjoy.


Infinite Loop

MISSIONARY: Look at you! You’re just wasting your life away, lying around like that.

SAMOAN: Why? What do you think I should be doing?

MISSIONARY: Well, there are plenty of coconuts all around here. Why not dry some copra and sell it?

SAMOAN: And why would I want to do that?

MISSIONARY: You could make a lot of money. And with the money you make, you could get a drying machine, and dry copra faster, and make even more money.

SAMOAN: Okay. And why would I want to do that?

MISSIONARY: Well, you’d be rich. You could buy…

The end of August marks the end of Summer. I like Fall, but this Summer was a bit of a wash. Time to buckle down and get into the work.


Too Many Options, Let’s Break It Down

I’m easily distracted. But, I’m good about finding time to work on what’s important. When you have a dozen projects going at once (not an exaggeration) you have find ways to prioritize. I use a prioritization matrix to help me work through what’s important. I don’t do this weekly or even monthly. It’s more of a semi-annual check in. Usually, I have my projects on one axis and on the other axis is a list of criteria. The criteria are factors that I want to weigh in my decision making process. Some of…

Three Times Two Equals Twenty Seven

I’ve always got at least three too many projects going at any given moment in time. This has been true for as long as I can remember. The projects range in scale and scope. They span disciplines and reasons for existing. The only commonality is that each project has some element that I can nerd out over for hours, days, months or even years. With multiple projects going at once, the work takes longer to complete. I get distracted and new projects force old projects to the wayside. Often, the old projects come back…

It’s Not All About You

We’re obsessed in this culture with creation myths. The lone genius, the tortured artist, the driven start-up coder: these are just a few of the many glorified stories that we tell. I get it, we like to hear this story. It reinforces our self-self-sufficent image. It sells. Reality is much different but it’s not sexy. No one wants to hear the complicated tale about 100 people pitching in to create something great. Simple stories are easier to digest and they reinforce what we’ve already been trained to believe. Even in fine art, there’s collaboration, or…

All Over the Place

This weeks batch of links is extra random, extra multidisciplinary and the kind of post that I really like to create. There’s some work stuff, graphic design, architecture, some technology elements and visuals to grab you. A little bit of what you need on a Tuesday morning–I hope.


I’ve been reading a biography about James Baldwin. This quote struck me.

“Americans have a tremendous sincerity. They are certainly sincere about what they call the negro problem and about the Indians. They’re sincere, in fact, about everything.”


By trade, I’m a UX person. To be honest, I’ve had a lot of job titles. There have been so many acronyms, definitions and job descriptions that never quite explain the work. I like to say that I solve problems with design. It’s a huge simplification, but it’s accurate. I feel like it’s better than trying to explain what “User Experience” is to a layman. Most weeks, there’s a slew of web and UX links. This week, there are none. So it goes. RIP Biz Markie.


Unlucky Thirteen

According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, more than 80 percent of hi-rise buildings in the United States do not have a 13th floor. Thanks for the insight. What does this have to do with links–nothing.


John Freeborn

designer, artist, skateboarder and video gamer

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