What if it’s real?

These ramblings are getting more rambly. ‘Rambly’ isn’t a real word. I used to enjoy making up words–reveling in my ignorance. Youthful ignorance is still looked upon kindly. It’s a sign that youth is still the same. We remember the dumb things that we were oh so sure of. There’s nothing wrong with a made up word. A lot of the best words are made up; grok, nerd and robot to name just a few. Oh yeah, you are here for links, not my selfindulgency.

Architecture/Interior Architecture

There’s an app for that

I’ve been making these weekly posts for a long time now. Every week (aside from a few holiday breaks) since October of 2016. That’s a lot of links. I’ve experimented with a weekly mailing list and even a daily mailing list. Neither worked for various reasons. But, I’m always open to new ways of distributing this content. So, when Vitamina K Design reached out about turning this into an app I was cautiously intrigued. The Weekly Design Links app is now live on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. …

Nothing Like Running in Place

I never liked treadmills. I’ve run on them for exercise, but I can’t do it for much more that thirty minutes. I get bored. I can run or walk outside for way longer. A two hour walk isn’t uncommon for me. I need the visual stimuli. Even if I have podcasts and/or music I can’t run in place. Maybe this relates to my cataloging of thousands of links for you all to consume? I have no idea. But here’s another batch either way.

Design Work

Smells Like Teen Spirit

You can smell the anticipation. Summer is coming and people are restless. The feeling is natural and logical. The unfortunate reality is that most of us are still vulnerable and many are acting like it’s over. I wish it was over. I’m gonna stay with the plan–here’s some more links to get you through. Stay safe out there.

Design Work

Here we go again

Daylight savings totally caught me by surprise. In fact, I didn’t know it was March–just slipped my mind. You’d think I’d notice this somewhere along the way. Wrong. Such is our Groundhog Day existence in the pandemic.


Expecting different results from the same action…

I don’t know what you are reading about the pandemic–but I’m seeing a lot of articles about people losing their grip on reality. It’s been over a year now since the lockdowns began. Everyone’s handled this situation differently, it’s personal. I’ve continued to keep my head down, focused on the work at hand and tried to stay healthy (mentally and physically). Nothing comes easy these days and I expect that to continue for a while. In the meantime, let’s see what cool stuff people have been making.

Graphic Design/Branding

Frankenstein was a side hustle

The last link in this week’s batch, MyHeritage, is probably the creepiest piece of technology that I’ve seen a long time. I don’t know why anyone would think this is healthy. Yes, it’s technologically interesting and a feat of engineering and computing power. But, why would you want to do this? Let alone attempt to build a company out of this. I dropped in a few famous people, it worked. The most interesting experiment I found was using a Pixar image of Woody from Toy Story–it got very weird but did work. …

Originally February never existed

The months zip by and time continues to be skewed through our pandemic vantage points. The calendar we see today evolved. Originally the Roman calendar was 10 months. It was re-designed to align with the lunar calendar and to complicate the story more–even numbers were unlucky, so 365 became the day count. February was chosen as the unlucky month to have an even number of days. February is almost over–enjoy the links.

Data Visualization

47 Days In & Nothing’s New

Change is hard. No one likes it. It’s often painful and usually threatens some fundamental thing that you’ve relied on for a while. Change is also constant, necessary and healthy. No wonder humans dislike it so much.


Titles Are Hard

I’m a night owl by nature. During college, I trained myself to work at night. It was quiet, there were less distractions and it was fairly effective. To this day, I’m comfortable and content working until very late. I’ve been considering switching things up–trying out the early-bird thing and seeing how I fare. I have many reservations about this. Will I get things done, will I be tired or distracted. Stay tuned, maybe I’ll start this week. It’s too late to start tonight.


John Freeborn

designer, artist, skateboarder and video gamer

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