Looking Back to See Forward

I’ve been reading a biography about James Baldwin. This quote struck me.

“Americans have a tremendous sincerity. They are certainly sincere about what they call the negro problem and about the Indians. They’re sincere, in fact, about everything.”


By trade, I’m a UX person. To be honest, I’ve had a lot of job titles. There have been so many acronyms, definitions and job descriptions that never quite explain the work. I like to say that I solve problems with design. It’s a huge simplification, but it’s accurate. I feel like it’s better than trying to explain what “User Experience” is to a layman. Most weeks, there’s a slew of web and UX links. This week, there are none. So it goes. RIP Biz Markie.


Unlucky Thirteen

According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, more than 80 percent of hi-rise buildings in the United States do not have a 13th floor. Thanks History.com for the insight. What does this have to do with links–nothing.


Whoa, How did we get here?

Whoa, How did we get here?

The short weeks always sneak up on me. Monday being a holiday and Tuesday kicking off the week is always jarring for getting these posts together. Maybe someday I’ll find a better way. Somehow, this weeks batch is heavy with a lot of good stuff.


Time to Summer

June is pretty much done.
It’s hard to believe.
Feeling at a loss for words, so I’ll cut to the chase — links.


Working, Moving, Living, Repeat

It’s been a hectic time for me personally: ups & downs, action, movement and work. Short but sweet batch of links this week–enjoy.


The Middle

Today marks the middle of the month, in roughly the middle of the year. These are pretty meaningless milestones. I know this–but still, they are markers of a sort. We’ve managed to get this far. This is the 23rd weekly links post of the year–not half way, 3 shy. Anyway… enjoy the links.


Are We There Yet?

In the past, I used quotes at the beginning of all of my links posts. It was way easier. I could just think of a topic (sometimes related to the content, sometimes not) and the internet would find me a slew of quotes that might suit my needs. Often times, I wouldn’t even augment that with any original thoughts. I gave that up for 2021 and sometimes I regret that decision.


Halfway there, but a long way to go

It’s not really halfway until the middle of June, but I’m not worried about technicalities. We’ve all had enough to deal with–let’s not focus on unimportant details. I feel like we’ve done enough to warrant a few days leeway. Enjoy the links, Summer is almost here.

Graphic Design

Straight Forward Headline: 17 Links Worth Clicking On

I’m pretty happy with this weeks batch of links. It’s all over the map in terms of creative disciplines, styles and approach. This is what I aim for every week. Sometimes the World Wide Web delivers, other times it’s more of a hunt. Enjoy.


John Freeborn

designer, artist, skateboarder and video gamer

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