August 13th: Weekly Design Links

“one must not prostrate oneself before the minor impossibilities, otherwise the major impossibilities would never come into view.”―Franz Kafka, Letters to Felice

We’re in the last leg of Summer. Kids are going back to school and the days are getting shorter. I like the Fall, but I’ve been enjoying the warm Summer nights. All good things must come to an end they say. Let the links ease you through this transition.


Forget the computer — here’s why you should write and design by hand •

The Art Of Warez •


Atomize React: A UI framework that helps developers collaborate with designers and build consistent user interfaces effortlessly •

Web Design/UX/UI

UX: do less, but with feeling •

There’s Too Much Damn Content, and Slick UX Design Is Making it Worse •

Superhuman’s Secret Onboarding UX •

Why You Shouldn’t Gray Out Disabled Buttons •


Rafał Barnaś creates an “abstract world built out of paper” for animated film ArchiPaper •


Coshocton Ray Trace Installation / Behin Ha •

Antony Gormley installs iron figures among ancient ruins on the Greek island of Delos •


Knot-hole House / ICADA •

The Monka Apartments Feature Bathrooms in Colored Steel Cubes •

KDDK House / Karina Duque •

UNStudio Designs a Museum of Spheres in South Korea •

Industrial Design

Work in Use Is Redefining Fitness •

Rocky Brooks’ flat-pack rescue dog beds are affordable and recyclable •


Line Lovers — editorial illustration by Jonathan Calugi •

Voxel Commodore 64 •

Polka Folks by Mother Volcano •

Let’s Get Better Together by OC May •

and we’re done



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