August 21st: Weekly Design Links

“There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.” — Malcolm X

Vacation is over, time to get back to work.

Graphic Design/Branding/Packaging

Mum Coffee & Ice Cream by Cansu Merdamert •

New Logo and Identity for 53rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival by Studio Najbrt •

NEENAH Elevates The Cotton Fiber Paper Category •

The Good Patron Coffee Comes With a Look Inspired By Paper Cutouts •


12 Questions To Ask Your Future Employer •


Boys Hostel Block / Zero Energy Design Lab •

DS House / Planned Living Architects •

Standard Architecture proposes modular megastructure “for any context” •

Shipwreck Lodge’s wooden cabins evoke ships washed up on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast •

Product/Industrial Design

Gradient Shelf by Henry Julier •

Vollebak launches first graphene jacket that acts as a radiator •

The ‘Mission E’ Is Porsche’s Beautiful Answer to Tesla’s Electric Dominance •

General Mills, Nike & Kyrie Irving Team Up To Give You Delicious Sneakers •

Someone clever once said Women were not allowed Pockets •

Web Design/UX/UI

Learn how a Microsoft designer built an internal Icon Library in his spare time •

Kollegorna, a Swedish digital agency •

Things I (honestly) don’t want to see in your portfolio •


Colorful boxes by Andreas Levers •

Giant concrete anti-communist speaker reimagined as sound installation •

Mirrored Installations by Sarah Meyohas Create Infinite Tunnels Strewn With Dangling Flowers •

Digital Photography Series: Candy Rotterdam •

clap for the efforts, or don’t… whatever



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