August 22nd: Weekly Design Links

“To act is to be committed, and to be committed is to be in danger.”–James A. Baldwin

I’m seeing a ton of amazing stuff lately. It’s hard to keep up to be honest. As always, I’m trying to do my part to sort out the chaos, separate the junk from the gold. CreativeLinks.Club is now a weekly email, so if you like these links, click that link there and sign up today.

The link show must go on…

UX/UI/Web Design

Heuristic Analysis UX in the design process •

UX & Psychology go hand in hand — How Gestalt theory appears in UX design? •

Stopwords in the user interface •

6 Tips that Will Improve Your Typography on Your UI •

Graphic Design/Branding

New Logo and Identity for Boudicca Proxy Consultants by Planning Unit •

A Funky Restaurant and Take Away Service that Encourages Creativity with Food •

New Logo and Identity for Carius by Content Design Lab •

Empty Gallery •

Erik Kirtley •

Sketch Cahier •

Terhedebrügge is a Lesson in Multidisciplinary Design, and Sibling Harmony •

11 of the World’s Most Inspiring Design Residencies •


Cerno: Designed and Made in California •

Giacomo Moor’s Collection Vapore Explores Steam Bending Wood •

Floating Cloud: An Electromagnetic Cloud That Hovers on Your Desktop by Richard Clarkson •


Aperture-Style Retractable Roof at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium Closes for the First Time •

BIG’s Cactus Towers in Copenhagen Will Stand Next to an Urban IKEA •

A Modern Apartment in Kraków Organized by Black Frames •


McCann Milan •


Chris Ware: Someone I’m Not •

Elegant Dip Pen Illustrations Inside the Sketchbooks of Elena Limkina •

This Photographer Converted a Box Trailer Into a Giant Mobile Camera •


600 years of typography in 23 cards •

The Zanerian Manual •

This Just In: Linotype Master Drawings •


OpenToonz •

The FedEx Logo, Paul Rand, And Degas: What Made These Designers Fall In Love With Design •

Don’t Sleep on the Side Project •


The Secret Economic Lives of Animals •

How to Fight Through Intellectual Discomfort •

This Super Fast Algorithm Edits Photographs Like a Professional — Before You Take Them •

Thanks for checking out this weeks links. Give a clap or follow and see you next week.



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