August 7th: Weekly Design Links

“Are you taking over
Or are you taking orders?
Are you going backwards
Or are you going forwards?”
–The Clash, White Riot” (1977):

This weeks links are Web/UX heavy along with a big dose of work stuff. That’s probably a reflection on where my head is at these days. I work as a UX designer by day, and I’m very interested in process, workflow and how the business of design gets done. I’ll get more graphic design and art in the mix next week, I promise.

Web Design/UX/UI

Exploring Responsive Type Scales •

Digital Psychology •

Nintendo Switch Does Multiple Accounts Right •

The Top 5 Behavioural Economics Principles for Designers •

There is no such thing as UX Design •

Proactive UX Design: A Big Leap Requiring Baby Steps •


7 design lessons from Silicon Valley’s most important failure •

How to Prioritize Work: 7 Practical Methods for When “Everything is Important” •

Undressing Your Compensation •

If Companies Had No Employees •

What I learned from 200 design interviews •


The Bullshit Web •

Little Big City •

Graphic Design

Trieste Estate 2018 •

New Logo and Identity for Skip by Hoodzpah Design •

Product/Industrial Design

Aronson Woodworks Creates Unique Furniture That Highlights the Beauty of Wood Grain Patterns •

UNIO — Seating by Markus Melcher •


MAD Revitalizes Abandoned Japanese Mountain Tunnel with Elemental Art Trail •

August is here. Summer is fading. Claps are appreciated.



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