December 12th: Weekly Design Links

John Freeborn
4 min readDec 12, 2017

“Things do not change; we change.” — Henry David Thoreau

This week’s links are all over the place. This is kind of how I like them best–wide ranging influences and skills, crafts and styles from far and wide. I hope something in here hits you and gives you the energy to make something new.

Learning/Code & Tools

JS Robot •

53: Paper & Paste — We all need space to create •

Web Design/UX/UI

10 UX Design Predictions For 2018 •

The Ultimate UX Guide to Color Design •

2017: The Year of the Blob •

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Prototyping (But Were Afraid To Ask) •


M.A.DI. House Is The Best Looking Pre-Fab Home You’ll Ever See •

A Japanese Home Designed Around a Climbable Earthquake-Proof Bookshelf •

Pop-Up Structure for Herschel Supply / Linehouse •


My First Skateboard •


Meet Tatsuo Horiuchi, the 77-Year-Old Artist Who ‘Paints’ Japanese Landscapes With Excel •

Tiffany Bozic: Spectrum •

Interactive LED Sculpture Projects Visitors’ Faces 14-Feet-Tall in Columbus, OH •


Irregulars: A Short Documentary Traces Cyrille Kabore’s Harrowing Journey as a Refugee Set Against a Mannequin Factory •

Transient: An Extraordinary Short Film That Captures Lightning at 1,000 Frames per Second •

Product/Industrial Design

The New, Improved Triangle Notebook by Tan Mavitan •

Work/Design Thinking

When Architects Design Software •

The best ‘design‘ books that aren’t explicitly about design •

The Three Questions You Must Ask When Running a Design Sprint •


Flex, The Laser-Etched, Physical Type Experiment That Pops Off The Page •

Graphic Design/Packaging

Soda Press Co is a Cheerful Alternative To Big Soda Brands •

Axel Røthe •


Oddly Satisfying: Animations by Andreas Wannerstedt •

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