March 13th: Weekly Design Links

“There is a difference between listening and waiting for your turn to speak.” — Simon Sinek

1,629 Links since the beginning of this post series. That’s a lot of links–but what’s more amazing is the amount of creative energy, effort, imagination and pure work that this represents. None of this happens without the decision to make and rarely (almost never) does it happen on the first go. There are dozens, hundreds and thousands of failed attempts that go unseen. That is the real work that most people never share on social media. The painful process of getting to that amazing moment goes unseen. To the makers, this is not news–but just a reminder.

Graphic Design/Identity/Packaging

The 12 Signs: How to know when you’re slowly but surely becoming a bad manager •

The 3 Things Employees Really Want: Career, Community, Cause •

Ingenious Hack Turns Instagram Into A Design Portfolio Site •


Apple Shares ‘Welcome Home’ HomePod Ad Directed by Spike Jonze and Starring FKA Twigs •

This Anime Rendition of Oregon Could Be Straight From a Miyazaki Flick •


Beautiful Paper Art Work by Margaret Scrinkl •

Derwent Precision Illustrations • | L.point × Superfiction, 2018 Diary •

Product/Industrial Design

Winter Landscape-Inspired Office Pavilions and Dividers by Johan Kauppi for Glimakra •


Typography: 36 Days of Type by TJ Nicklin •

Web Design/UX/UI

20 Designers, Question Per Week : What the future holds for the world of UX •

Good to great UI animation tips •

The Evolution of UX Process Methodology •

Hopefully, the Ultimate Guide to a Flat Icon Set •


MB Architecture constructs university building from shipping containers in one day •

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