March 20th: Weekly Design Links

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” — Stephen Hawking

Each week seems to be getting shorter lately. We all know that time is relative thanks to Einstein. But, it doesn’t really help me plan my week. I’ve read all the productivity stuff and I’ve even taken a class or two to help learn to prioritize. These things have helped… some. Somehow, we get the important things done–and we all have a skill of pushing the other stuff to the side, consciously or unconsciously.

The links are a priority, so let’s get to it.

Graphic Design/Identity

Stylish Brand Identity for Tattwa •

No Logo Logo! Brand Identity for Something •


The Intricate, Undulating Brickwork at Eladio Dieste’s Cristo Obrero Church in Uruguay •

Artificial island creates floating events space in Copenhagen harbour •

Philippe Starck designs “phantasmagoric” hotel topped with a house for Metz •


Really Bad Design Exercises •

The “Basecamp MBA” Reading List •

Ruthless Prioritization : All high functioning teams must prioritize. Not once a month, not once a week — but rigorously, and ruthlessly •

The spectrum of design roles in 2018 •

Web Design/UX/UI

Creating User-friendly forms •

10 essential TED talks for UX designers •

We have lost track of what UX actually means •

Blade Runner 2049’s beautiful Screen Graphics and UI Design •

Design Thinking

Design in Tech Report 2018 •

Immersive Design: The Next 10 Years of Interfaces •


Grammy-Winning Voyager Golden Record Goes From Deep Space to Your Turntable •


Nike Shoppers Can Now Test-Run Sneakers on a Treadmill Hooked Up to a Video Game •

72 Actors Walk Through One Woman’s Life in This Insanely Coordinated Ad •


Slime by Jonathan Knowles •

An Ode to Home by Jake Wegesin •


A Full-Scale Demolished Car Constructed From Silk, Aluminum Mesh, and Tulle by Jannick Deslauriers •

that’s it for the week — clap for me please




designer, artist, skateboarder and video gamer

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John Freeborn

John Freeborn

designer, artist, skateboarder and video gamer

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