March 6th: Weekly Design Links

John Freeborn
4 min readMar 6, 2018

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” — John Muir

Tuesday is here again and I’ve been super distracted with multiple commitments over the last few weeks. It’s hard to stay focus, expand your horizons and get the daily things done–all while paying the bills. We all have responsibilities and one of my self-imposed jobs is to deliver this batch of links to you every week.

Product/Industrial Design

30 Connected Frames Can Be Arranged in Various Ways to Form the Coil Bench •

Metro, Boulot, (Chocolat) Dodo: Paris Train Station Tile Inspires Chocolate Bars •


Amok Island Paints Modern Minimalist Murals of Native Flora and Fauna •

Love Hultén Designs the Most Beautiful Retro-Futuristic Devices •

Chance Encounters Captured on the Streets of Oslo by Photographer Pau Buscató •


Domed sports hall by Sporadical is covered in scale-like aluminium shingles •

House of Stone / Jorge Hernández de la Garza •

Design Thinking

Marie van Driessche on Designing for Deaf People, For Everyone Actually •

Graphic Designer Abby Chen on Pushing Into New Media, Designing for Interaction + Celebrating the B-Sides •

Web Design/UX/UI

The Truth About Design Titles •

The most exciting design events of 2018, selected by leading designers, scholars, and experts •

Graphic Design/Packaging/Advertising

Unpacking The Future of Brands: The Dieline’s 2018 Trend Report •

McDonald’s Crops the Golden Arches to Direct You to the Closest Restaurant •


Une Historie: Delightful Illustrations by Marc Majewski •

UI Lab •

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