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October 22nd: Weekly Design Links

“It is both humiliating and humbling to discover that a single generation after the events that constructed me as a public personality, I am remembered as a hairdo.” Angela Davis

This week is a larger than average post and I didn’t even get though all of my sources. Some weeks, time doesn’t allow it. Enjoy the visuals and read some words–maybe learn a thing or two.


I Worked at Capital One for Five Years. This Is How We Justified Piling Debt on Poor Customers •

The Creative Entrepreneur Behind Paper Chase Press on Doubling Down on Risks and Reinventing Print for a Digital-First Generation •

Meet Analogue Pocket™ •

Public Type Works enables the creation of new open source fonts •


Wood Slat Shotgun House / Austigard Arkitektur •

House XI / Nacho Carbó arquitecto •

The Minimalist Opera Tuderte Residence in Todi, Italy •

Hongling Experimental Primary School / O-office Architects •

Web Design/UX/UI

Using Jira for Design Systems •

Flash Is Responsible for the Internet’s Most Creative Era •

It’s time we stop unsolicitedly redesigning Spotify •

Designing accessible color systems •


The 5 mistakes you’re likely making in your one-on-one meetings with direct reports •

7 Traits of A Leader Worth Following •

When should you choose a UX specialty? •

Graphic Design/Branding

Barcelona Jewish Film Festival 2019 by Familia :) •

Corona Playing Cards •


Moldy Fruit Sculptures Formed From Precious Gemstones Challenge Perceptions of Decoration and Decay •

She liked the sea by Christian Schmidt •

100,000 Hand-Arranged Stamps Form Complex Mosaics by Elisabetta Di Maggio •

A Fog of Color: The Sculpture of Aleksandar Duravcevic •

Industrial Design

An Investigation of “Possibilities” at Amman Design Week 2019 •

Lex by Astride is a wearable chair that allows its user to sit anywhere •


Malibu Boats: The M240 by Already Been Chewed •

(plural ends of the lines)

  1. The termination point of a railway or similar transportation system.
  2. (idiomatic) Final cessation or discontinuance of a process, institution, or person, especially one which has existed for a considerable period of time; death.




designer, artist, skateboarder and video gamer

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John Freeborn

John Freeborn

designer, artist, skateboarder and video gamer

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