Weekly Design Links — 01/16/24

John Freeborn
4 min readJan 16, 2024

2024 is off and running. I’ve been trying to get off on a good foot with some changes to my routine. So far this hasn’t gone to plan. Last week, my weekly post had the wrong date. It’s not a big deal, but not ideal. My attempt to do “100 Days of Code” isn’t going super well. I’m not going to lose sleep over these bumps in the road. I’ll focus on the big picture. Last year, I hit my goal (on the last day of 2023) by finishing 50 books. Here’s the recap, if you are curious. Here’s to the slow boil!


A Tailor-Made Minimalist Apartment On The Northern Beaches
This Avalon Beach apartment was originally built in the 1960s, but almost every element you see today has been designed and made by the owners over the past four years.

It only took 11 people to build this Lego-like apartment complex in Florida
A 96-unit building was put together like a set of children’s building blocks.

Industrial Design