Weekly Design Links — 03/28/23

John Freeborn
3 min readMar 28

Sometimes the books I read shine a light (or cast a shadow) that is hard to ignore. This is what books are supposed to do–give you a new perspective. You need to be in the right headspace to take in the information, and you have to question the concepts to spin the idea from multiple angles to see if it holds up under scrutiny. But, when the idea is sound, you can’t see the world the same way you did before.


Perennial House / Sifti Design Studio
Love the look, but I wonder about the stairs

Web Design/UX/UI

Pure is a flexible, future-proof design system created for and by Nokia
Created to produce consistent, flexible and future-proof digital products

macOS Cursors
Spontaneously made by David Darnes

Hierarchy strips in user interfaces
Show that you understand the WHY of your visual work

Industrial Design

Introducing M0.0NSHOT: The World’s First Net Zero Carbon Shoe
The landmark 0.0 kg CO₂e carbon footprint — versus the industry average of 14 kg CO₂e — was achieved without relying on a single carbon offset

Build Momentum Behind Your Desk With the Counterweight Table
Not everything needs to be electrified


Generative storytelling has arrived
Unlock your best work with Tome’s AI-powered storytelling format

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