Weekly Design Links — 04/11/23

John Freeborn
3 min readApr 18

It’s too late to get deep into a bunch of words this week. I’ll leave you with this sad factoid. In 2000, Alabama became the last state in the USA to overturn its ban on interracial marriage. OK, with that as your baseline, let’s look at some smart ideas, pretty stuff, and more positive creative thinking.

Web Design/UX/UI

Customers are not there to drive decisions about your product, but to validate yours
Wrong UX research leads to dilution

Welcome to the WIP
Every digital product is a work in progress


Catching up with Erik Spiekermann
The type legend on his new book, a big birthday, and variable fonts

Industrial Design

A Transparent Keyboard with Mag-Lev Keys That Sits Over an HD Display
The Flux Keyboard is a crowdfunding smash

Ambessa Play: A DIY Flashlight
A wind-up flashlight kids can build


IWI Is an Adaptable Living Space That Extends or Compresses to Your Needs
Two wooden modules that are connected with a folding structure resembling an accordion


Handmade Artist Books: 12 Stunning Examples
A cross between art and everyday object

A Manifesto by Ai Weiwei
The artist’s 10 rules for life and creativity

The 1,000 things famous photographers never shoot
From abandoned buildings to sunsets, pros from around the world share the things that they consider (subjectively) off-limits

Random (but really, just Lego)

Lego Sushi
By hypnomotion

The Mighty Bowser™
Buildable model of the ultimate boss

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