Weekly Design Links — 05/28/24

John Freeborn
4 min readMay 28, 2024

Sometimes the power goes out. We are spoiled here in the US. This happens rarely and it almost always back on in minutes. We do freak out as if the world is ending. We act the same way if the internet or Instagram (pick your social of choice) is down. What we expect is now gone and what’s left is unknown. Humans don’t like uncertainty. There are a rare few who thrive in chaos. I heard recently that these people often fare well as entrepreneurs. I have no idea if this is a fact–but it seems plausible enough. I’m good at staying even-keeled when shit is going sideways. It’s partly my personality, but it’s also because I’ve worked in places where others were often losing it. This ability allowed me to flex my creative muscles and find a path forward.


The world’s first mega-ligature, mono-space, multi-color shape font is a real game-changer

Spotify made its own font, and it’s going everywhere inside the app
The new Spotify Mix typeface is a ‘remix’ of various fonts inspired by the ‘evolving nature of audio culture.’