Weekly Design Links — 06/04/24

John Freeborn
4 min readJun 4, 2024

I make my share of mistakes. It’s endless–to be honest. It happens daily and I do try not to. They are often painful and unpleasant. Of course, I try and learn from them. That itself is error-prone and not without its share of blunders. I’m not going to give you a cliche story about how mistakes are opportunities for growth. You’ve heard this before, you get it. I realize now that this whole paragraph is a mistake.


Picking Up Pixels: Rüdiger Schlömer Designs Typefaces for Knitting
Rather than build the letter “A” or “R” through digital layers, Rüdiger Schlömer constructs the alphabet, numbers, and basic symbols stitch by stitch.

Graphic Design/Branding

Brother Films
Forth+Back was tasked with redesigning their identity to blend their natural aesthetic with a more refined presence